Welcome to the Bridgeville Farmers Market

June 29, 2014Posted by Liz Calabro


An annual event in downtown Bridgeville, PA. Sponsored by Bridgeville Borough, we look forward to a great season in 2014, with continuation of many activities like -- a 2-mile Walk every Tuesday, Music and Hot Food Vendors.

Local Newspaper coming to "get the scoop" about the Farmers Market July 1, 2014! Come and join us at the Farmers Market Tuesday, July 1. We're looking to build up community participation after 6:00 p.m.

Our Vendors:

  • Simmons Farms: family owned with farms and farm sharing in ohio and north carolina.
  • Cookies and Critters: award winning fudge, the best
  • Pampered Chef: selling items to you on the spot and no ordering
  • Jodikinos Family Farm: generations of impeccable farming, including roots in Christoff's Family Farm
  • Plum Run Winery: delicious homemade wine
  • Schwirian Farms: local sheep farming, selling impeccable wool products including a wool ball for your dryer to replace the dryer sheets, eco-friendly, great
  • Fur Angels: homemade dog treats, yep at our market
  • Bridgeville Boys: selling tomatoes the size of bowling balls! But they are not quite ready, soon
  • La Bella Bean: selling Nunny's homemade dressing, a must sample, you ll buy 2!
  • Lysandra Jewelry will catch your eye
  • Dances with Color: flattened glass bottles to use as cheese boards and decotative glass earings, a must check out.
  • Schwans: selling products on site and taking orders.
  • Hey Tabouli: our favorite lebanese foods, always has a line at his booth
  • Batter and Dough: outstanding baked pastries, desserts, cookies and more. Taking cake orders as well.
  • Paddy's Gluten-free Products: it's the real deal who needs to eat gluten free
  • Wild River Kettle Korn: always a draw and now sneeking in cheese popcorn
  • Shelby's: a local favorite, hot take-home foods, a sample of her restaurant fare
  • Mediterra Bakehouse: baked fresh tuesday nornings, outstanding hearty whole grain assorted breads. Sells out every week!
  • Bedillion Honey: hickory, high grade, freshly packed honey. Check out the values of Western Pennsylvania honey and see why this is the best honey.

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